sophie martin

    sophie martin – the warrior princess


    Meet one of our focus stars, Sophie Peta Martin (AKA Sophie Peta – Warrior Princess) has a rare genetic disease known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy or Dravet Syndrome. Dravet Syndrome is a catastrophic type of epilepsy which sees her hospitalised every few weeks.

    Sophie is also effected with a range of associated disabilities including behaviour and developmental delays, movement and balance issues due to her very low muscle tone and hyper mobile joints (dyskinetic hypotonic cerebral palsy). Chronic infections, disruption of the autonomic nervous system which regulates her body temperature and the ability to sweat and shiver.

    On the gross motor function scale Sophie is classified as Level 5, which is the highest level of disability.

    In spite of Sophie having special needs and many challenges, she is absolutely delightful! Sophie can be described as determined, strong, brave, loving & happy. Sophie is an absolute joy and a very special little girl.

    Sophie is working hard with Triston Hunter in physiotherapy to achieve –

    • sitting independently
    • moving more (through using the RT300 bike, scooter board)

    ‘Intensive’ blocks of rehabilitation will help Sophie to achieve these goals .. Help us, help Sophie!!

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