bonny green

    bonny green (bonny piper)


    Meet Bonny, she is a focus star of the Saba Rose Button Foundation and has also been sponsored this year by one of our major sponsors ‘ASIA ESCAPE’.

    Helen’s words (Bonny’s Mumma) ..
    Whilst on holiday in England, in April 2016, Bonny (6 months old at the time) became seriously ill with herpes simplex encephalitis. Encephalitis is swelling and bleeding on the brain caused by either bacteria or a virus. In Bonny’s case it was caused by the herpes virus, a cold sore. Just a simple kiss from a mother to her daughter very nearly took Bonny’s life. I am Bonny’s mom and I have been prone to cold sores for many years, however I was never aware of the damage a cold sore could cause. Bonny spent 4 weeks in hospital being treated with IV ANTI-virals and was started on anti-convulsants as she was having 10-15 seizures per day.
    When we returned to Australia Bonny was diagnosed with right-sided hemiplegia cerebral palsy, and epilepsy.
    We try to access as many services as we can to support Bonny’s rehabilitation. Bonny has been accepted as a focus star for the Saba Rose Button Foundation, which will provide her with any equipment she needs to aid her recovery, it will enable her to have intensive blocks of therapy with her physiotherapist Triston Hunter, and also allows her to have weekly maintenance sessions.

    As Bonny is only 14 months old now, her brain is still very plastic. This gives Bonny the best chance at having a positive recovery. Having access to this intensive therapy is more than we could have ever wished for Bonny, and we can’t thank the Saba Rose Button Foundation enough for giving us this incredible opportunity and believing in Bonny.

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