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Hear from the amazing ‘Jen Broderick’ on why she is running the BERLIN MARATHON for TEAM SABA

Was haber ich gedacht?
(What was I thinking?)
Getting through the Berlin Marathon

“A lot of people have inspiring running stories. I’m still looking for mine. My running journey began with being asked to leave a dog park. Our gorgeous, enormous rescue hound Stewie is the perfect family pet but loves other dogs far too hard and boisterously. After four years of trying, I admitted defeat in off-lead exercising and had to find an alternative way to get him moving. So, we started to run.

Circle Lake Monger for long enough and you find other people, lots of other people, doing the same thing. We joined a club, we made friends, I heard other running stories and many of them involved running marathons. Marathons are things that other people do but the more of these stories I heard and the further I found my legs taking me the more I wanted to be ‘other people’ too. Because how hard can it be?

I entered a draw for one of the world ‘major’ marathon events (Berlin is known as the flattest course and the one where the most world record times are made). I don’t win lotto so I figured it was a pretty safe bet my name wouldn’t get picked and then it did. And suddenly I find out exactly how hard it is.

Training through winter this year I’ve run, often dragging Stewie, through countless rain storms and near-freezing temperatures, I’ve been up and out before five most Saturdays, I’m constantly shattered, always hungry, quite often sore and never available. Running is hard, but if you do anything long enough you can become okay at it and however hard I find it, I’m so grateful that I have found it and I can run.

Inspiring stories are when people take a challenge and turn it into something amazing. The journey of the Button family, who from a single devastating moment have created the SBRF to support the rehabME program, is inspiring. I won’t be beating any world records on September 16th, but if by running I can contribute to therapy that will help kids who should be able to run, the hard stuff is worth it.”


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