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Supporting Our Therapists

During these ‘different’ & ‘difficult’ times it is really important that we band together and do all we can to preserve our ‘normal’ so that when this has passed, we can slot back into to the amazing services we use for our beautiful children.

We have 17 ‘amazing’ therapists who work with us for our rehabME INTENSIVE COLLECTIVE Program who work privately and who need our support right now.

We want to support them as they ‘always’ support us in our day-to-day rehabilitation of our little legends!!
Please help us support our therapists by continuing appts through TELEHEALTH.
• We will assist our therapists
• We will still provide a wonderful (albeit different) program for our child
• We will assist in keeping our therapist’s business alive
• Still use up your NDIS capacity building hours.
• We will keep them afloat to be ready to roll into our rehabME INTENSIVE COLLECTIVE Program.
Together we can make a HUGE difference!
I have booked in Saba’s appointments ..

Some more info for you:
• NDIS participants can use their capacity building therapy hours via telehealth or phone call follow up with therapists.
• The value of touching base regularly with your therapist over the next weeks and months ensures therapy goals gained can be continued to be worked on and progressed.
• Parent coaching by the therapist heightens parents’ self confidence in providing therapy for their child and strengthens goal setting.
• Supporting therapists in this way assists their financial situation but also helps everyone’s sense of wellness, sense of belonging and sense of community.

Be safe and stay home X

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