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what is intensive rehabilitation?

Intensive Rehabilitation Therapy means that instead of the child visiting their therapist once a week or once a fortnight for one hour, the child is treated to intensive therapy every day for 3-4 hours for a total of 3-4 weeks.

This is based on intensive rehabilitation models in the US and Europe and is to maximise the benefit of therapy for children with a neurological diagnosis.

For example, the 3-4 week ‘Intensive Physiotherapy’ program aims to improve the child’s strength, balance and muscle control whilst teaching new motor patterns through repetition and correct alignment.

Physical gains made during these intensives often take months using the traditional weekly or fortnightly therapy model of practice.

The SRB Foundation aims to support families in this process by sponsoring a child and their family for the ‘intensive’ as they would otherwise be unable to access this treatment.

how you can help?

We offer three rehabME corporate sponsorship packages, a rehabME Care package and a rehabME equipment purchase package.

Read about how to sponsor a child or download our rehabME brochure here.

Intensive therapy allows for consolidation of skill through repeated practice. It saturates the child’s brain in learning new movements and allowing practice. During this period of intensive therapy, new skills develop on a daily basis.

When the intensive therapy is completed, consolidation of those skills allows for new skills to emerge. This is motor learning.

Triston Hunter
Paediatric Physiotherapist
Step Ahead Physiotherapy

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