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Let’s do this!

We have 36 children/families who are participating in our rehabME INTENSIVE COLLECTIVE Program and they will be joining us every day for the next 3 weeks. 18 of these children are sponsored by the Saba Rose Button Foundation & we are grateful for your support and donations for these children as you are ‘seriously’ changing lives.

💥 Multidisciplinary ‘intensive’ therapy
💥 Physio, OT, Speech Therapy
💥 Massage & Structural Integration
💥 Achieving individual goals
💥 Providing quality & experienced therapists.

Children set individual goals & are matched to the therapist’s ‘skill set’. Children work for 1-4 hours per day (depending on their timetable) for 3 weeks and are pushed to reach their best potential in this ‘intensive’ environment.

This program is made possible through the Saba Rose Button Foundation & Step Ahead Physiotherapy.

Special THANKS to our amazing therapists 👉🏻
Triston Hunter • Tenielle Myers • Helen Beaton • Lisa Cargeeg • Bree Harmsen • Corene Wainstein • Jenny Colegate • Amy Litton • Charlotte Wigham • Alicia Gorman • Chris Bennett • Back For Good – Remedial Massage Therapy • Nici Ott • Yvette Theodorsen • Paula Buttigieg • Deb Thomas •

Special thanks to Leon Shaffer for the gorgeous ‘pro’ pics blended in this mix!

Everyone looked amazing and we thank you for joining us and making a difference to these special kids and their families. Enjoy XX

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