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56 hours of therapy complete for Owen over the last three weeks! An amazing collective put together by Triston Hunter Step Ahead Physiotherapy + Saba Rose Button Foundation where Owen received CME, speech, OT, treadmill training.
Owen received his first ever trophy!
This intensive has been fab and what a change we have seen from week 1-3.
The last 3 days of the intensive Owen smashed it out of the park, requiring less support and attempting more advanced exercises in CME, accessing more communication cells on the tobii eyegaze , taking 306 consecutive steps in his walker, and 61 on the treadmill all unassisted and holding his spoon and bringing it to his mouth to attempt self feeding.
It goes to show that intensive therapy is where it’s at as we don’t see these type of changes when you just visit your therapist weekly or fortnightly. I wish we could just continue to do this over and over again! We will continue to work on these skills with Owen and therapy will now we be fitting around the school term and hours which starts on Monday!
Thanks again to these ladies, Owen’s wonderful therapists and thank you to the community that is the rehabME family. A big thank you to our OJD GALA attendees as you enabled Owen to participate in this intensive.
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Words taken straight from Owen’s Facebook page XX

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