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Celebrating Nate

“Can we just take a moment to notice where Nate’s therapist Triston Hunter, Step Ahead Physiotherapy, is holding Nate? Ankles! Boom!!! This was one of our goals for this Saba Rose Button Foundation intensive and he totally rocked it! He’s SO much taller and straighter and stronger and loving his #cuevasmedekexercise CME therapy, he truly thrives and flourishes from it.

Well it’s the last day of therapy today! Nate is totally knackered to say the least, but after 3 weeks of intense physical therapy who wouldn’t be?! And without giving TMI we are still having some issues with 💩😳🙊 so I think this has hit him hard too. But it’s not stopping him from being a ROCK⭐️!!! We CANNOT thank all those who have made this intensive happen enough! Beautiful generous loving people! You guys totally rock 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

Words taken straight from Celebrate Nate’s Facebook page XX

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