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Yesterday, Franki finished his 3rd, 3-week, intensive therapy block… this one was the first one we have been able to complete at home in Perth, thanks to the amazing therapists, organizers and volunteers behind @rehabme_srbf.
As hard as it is to commit to a 3 week block of daily intensive therapy, whether home or away, the benefits our children receive from undertaking them is nothing short of amazing.
As Franki’s amazing physiotherapist, @tristo_h, explains so well, “Intensive therapy allows consolidation of skill through repeated practice. It saturates the child’s brain in learning new movements and allows for practice. During this period of intensive therapy, new skills develop on a daily basis. When the intensive therapy is completed, consolidation of those skills allows for new skills to emerge. This is motor learning.” @stepaheadphysio
After each intensive, we see massive gains from Franki, gains that would have taken months of traditional weekly or fortnightly sessions to achieve.
Franki can now:
✖️sit up independently from floor (achieved after intensive 1)
✖️crawl… is speed crawling a sport?! (achieved after mini intensive)
✖️pull to stand (achieved after intensive 2)
✖️Cruise along furniture with more control (achieved after intensive 3)
✖️climb up onto the sofa with more control (achieved after intensive 3)
✖️stand unassisted for 1-3 seconds (achieved after intensive 3)
These therapies are expensive, no denying it, but so very worth it! A BIG thank you to each and every one of you who have assisted to make these intensive therapies a possibility… your kindness, generosity, love and encouragement are so very appreciated.
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Words taken straight from Franki’s Facebook page XX

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